The Algorithm

"Conversations" Book (English Version, Signed)

Conversations,English Version, 184 Pages, Written by Anne Couvreur & Rémi Gallego

Rémi Gallego is the brain behind The Algorithm, a hybrid mix of Metal and Electronic music. In Cologne, Germany, in a rehearsal room, in the kitchen, in a cafe, in his recording studio, around a table meeting or at the Euroblast festival, Anne Couvreur let her tape recorder run, day after day for a week, carrying out these in-depth interviews with Rémi Gallego at the same time introspective, funny and spontaneous. All topics are covered: his musical beginnings, his life before The Algorithm, his work as an author, composer, producer, his way of communicating with the audience, the preparation of concerts, his daily life, Rémi Gallego listens and comments on each of his compositions from the first demo to Octopus4, we discover his creative process, his universe and the people working with him.

An essential book for all The Algorithm fans, full of memories, anecdotes and future projects.